2018 Ascape ST offers a shower, toilet, refrigerator and water heater

Aliner announced that it has expanded its Ascape product line to include four different models. The company introduced the Ascape during last year’s Louisville show.

According to a press release, the lightweight towables are a cross between a conventional travel trailer and a teardrop while offering custom amenities to suit all types of campers. 

Director of Sales Allan Reeping said, “Aliner is extremely excited to offer our customers such an assortment of lightweight campers. We have focused this product line expansion on the continued demand for easily towable lightweight campers. We are excited to bring these new models to market. And now the customer has even more control over their product of choice.” 

Reeping added that the new concepts range in weight between 1,100 pounds to 1,600 pounds and come with a standing height of 6-foot, 4 inches.

The most scaled down Ascape is the Ascape MT. Weighing 1,170 pounds, the model targets the basic camper who wants to connect with nature. The Ascape ST includes the same features as the MT, but also has the conveniences of a shower, toilet, refrigerator and water heater.  The under 1,500 pound Ascape classic can be customized with multiple options while the Ascape APlus package includes television, Wi-Fi, and Bose sound systems and weighs 1,630 pounds.

Brett Randall, president and CEO of Columbia Northwest, explained, “Aliner is very happy to able to bring these options to market. We continually strive to provide customers with the perfect blend of everyday functional campers, as well as offer campers that meet their needs.

“The best thing any company can do is to enhance its capabilities and product lines in order to remain as a leader in the camping industry. This is what we have always done. This expansion fits perfectly into our strategy and allows the highest level of customer service combined with quality end products surely to surpass any other camper supplier.”

The entire line of Ascape’s will be displayed at the National RV Trade Show later this month.

Columbia Northwest, Inc., d.b.a Aliner, is a producer of folding camping and travel trailers. Founded in 1984 with a focus on lightweight towable camping trailers, Aliner is the original manufacturer of the A-frame camper.