Aliner announced two new breast cancer designs for its Scout-Lite and Ranger 10 camping trailers and will donate a portion of all proceeds to breast cancer research. According to a press release, the launch comes just weeks before breast cancer awareness month.

The designs were initially inspired by Aliner’s President and CEO Brett Randall’s close personal experiences with breast cancer.  “As the concept was nurtured in-house it became apparent that breast cancer has touched many of the Aliner team members and their families,” said Randall.

He added, “We are very honored to introduce these two special units.  We feel a strong connection to all of those who have been impacted by breast cancer. We are proud of the opportunity to provide our loyal followers a product that may touch them as well.”

The team members of Aliner worked for months with multiple concepts and chose these two pink and white designs which they felt represent both Aliner’s brand and breast cancer awareness.

The breast cancer awareness camping trailers can now be ordered via a local Aliner dealer.