All Seasons RV is developing a second showroom in Yuba City, Calif., according to a report by the Appeal-Democrat, Marysville.

Next month, the county planning commission is scheduled to see a proposal for the recreational vehicle dealer to add a showroom to a parts-and-service on Yuba City’s western edge.

Company owner Ernie Friesen said adding a showroom there will be in addition to the lot on the northwest corner of highways 99 and 20, a high-visibility location. “What we’re planning on doing is having multiple sales locations,” he said, adding All Seasons always planned to have a showroom at the service site, but held off during the original development for financial reasons.

The commission will vote on an amendment to Friesen’s original proposal. Friesen said adding a showroom will involve paving about three acres and adding lighting, costing about $1.5 million.

He said having two showrooms was based on the experience of owning Redding RV, which does strong business with two showrooms in that city.

Sutter County planner Steve Geiger said the proposal is in a public-review period, with a full staff report to be written before the commission’s meeting.

While Geiger said the county will support the project, one potential sticking point will be the extra lighting to show off the vehicles. “I think we can work through the potential issues,” he said.

Another potential issue, increased traffic at the Colusa site, could actually be less of a problem, Geiger said. When people buy a new RV from the site at 99/20 now, the vehicles are often transported to the other site for inspections or other work, then back. That step won’t be necessary for RVs bought at the expanded site.

Sales of big-ticket items like RVs slumped in recent years, especially after the housing bust sapped people’s ability to buy such items easily.

Friesen said while sales haven’t returned to boom levels, All Seasons did see a boost when it developed a website. He said his store is now selling vehicles across California, as well as to prospective buyers in Oregon and Nevada.