All is well today (Feb. 27) at RV industry supplier firm Specialty Window Coverings Inc. in Elkhart, Ind., where the company’s production plant was evacuated Wednesday afternoon (Feb. 25) when workers began feeling sick.
The 85-employee plant was evacuated because high carbon monoxide levels made about 40 workers ill. The source of the carbon monoxide was one of two tow motors used early Wednesday morning to move equipment into the new 16,000-square-foot portion of the company’s expanded plant, General Manager Randy Ferrie said.
“One of the motors was running kind of rich,” Ferrie said.
Several workers who felt ill were taken to Elkhart General Hospital Wednesday for precautionary checkups. All but one returned to work the next day. The last one returned to work today, Ferrie said.
Elkhart Fire Department officials said Specialty Windows did the right thing by evacuating the plant after people became ill and calling authorities.
Ferrie said some shipments were delayed one day.
Specialty Windows supplies pleated shades and window coverings to RV manufacturers.