It takes more than technical skills to be successful in the workforce. That’s the message representatives from Saratoga, N.Y.-based Alpin Haus reinforced when they visited local high school juniors and seniors at the HFM Career and Technical Center on Oct. 16, according to a report by the Leader-Herald.

“Energy, attitude, motivation, teamwork. No matter where you work, you’re going to have to bring that,” said Tom Morin, director of employee development at Alpin Haus.

Morin, together with Alpin Haus recruiter Maggie Miller and Service Department trainer Erich Kress, talked with HFM students in the automotive technology, auto body repair, construction technology and the skilled trades, including electrical, HVAC, and plumbing programs. They spoke about the career paths available at Alpin Haus’ five locations and many departments working with RVs, boats, pools, snowmobiles and more. Technicians skilled in the plumbing, electrical, carpentry, heating, ventilation and air conditioning fields are in demand at the company.

“The thing I love about being a technician is that it’s challenging every day. I’ve never been bored,” Kress told the students, recounting his career path at Alpin Haus, which started with a job as a ski salesperson after college. Through hard work, that job blossomed into a career leading him through positions as a pool laborer, RV service writer, shop foreman, service and parts manager and now the RV technical trainer.

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