A sudden spike in sales has Andy Heck, the president of Alpin Haus, an RV dealership in Amsterdam, N.Y., thrilled that business is booming again.

“All of a sudden, we had to double our work force based on demand in two weeks. Out of the blue, one day it just started going crazy,” said Heck.

What’s even crazier is that travel experts and economists are watching RV sales very closely and Heck knows why, according to WRGB-TV, Albany.

“As our industry starts to rebound, it’s a good sign for other industries,” he said.

Travel expert Eric Stigberg over at AAA in Schenectady agrees.

“It’s certainly a part of it. People want to see what they can afford,” said Stigberg.

The boost in RV business is indicating that many are opting for the ‘Staycation’  – a more affordable close to home vacation – this summer.

“Travel is something everyone needs to do. If they missed out on it last year, they’re not going to miss two years in a row,” said Stigberg.

The biggest indicator the RV business is giving may not even be in the travel industry, it may be on the economy. With many opting for the staycation, economists believe that’s a good indicator that people are putting feelers out to see if it’s alright to spend again.

“So many were frozen last year and paralyzed as what to do in the recession,” said Heck. “We’re seeing the mood of the customer a lot different this spring. They’re still concerned but thinking, ‘I kind of weathered the storm.’ They are more optimistic.”

Alpin Haus was named one of the Top 50 RV Dealers in America by RVBusiness magazine and was one of the top five Blue Ribbon honorees.