Multi-location Upstate New York dealership Alpin Haus will open a Camping World store at its new RV dealership that is under construction in Montgomery County, N.Y., in the village of Florida, according to the Capitol District Business Review of Albany, N.Y.
The 15,000-square-foot Camping World store will be the first for the Bowling Green, Ky.-based retailer in New York State.
The new $4..5 million, 55,000-square-foot Alpin Haus location, which will sell RVs exclusively, is scheduled to open next spring.
Alpin Haus will continue selling ski equipment, boats and snowmobiles at its Amsterdam, N.Y. location.
The other Alpin Haus locations are in Clifton Park, N.Y., where it sells RVs exclusively, and in Wilton, N.Y., where it sells RVs and boats.
Camping World, with 30 stores, an online catalog and 20 million catalogs, sales flyers and other mail pieces distributed annually, is the world’s largest rtailer of RV accessories, supplies and services.
Camping World is a unit of Affinity Group Inc., which also is the parent of TL Enterprises Inc., publisher of RV Business and RVBUSINESS.COM.