Keystone RV’s Alpine line has implemented the Suburban Nautilus RL on-demand water heater cross its 2020 lineup. According to a press release, the system allows campers an endless flow of hot water to their RV simultaneously from every fixture.

The Nautilus RL features a recirculating loop from Suburban that heats water almost instantly to eliminate wasting good clean water while waiting for the shower to heat up.

The inclusion of the Nautilus RL stems from a new partnership between Alpine and supplier Suburban.

“The Nautilus RL is something we are excited about because it is a new, and major way that we are giving campers the comforts of home,” said Alpine Product Manager Jeff Wagner. “I think a big issue, especially for full-time campers, involves the function of a standard RV water heater system. It can be a waiting game for the shower to heat up and perform in an efficient way. With the implantation of the Nautilus RL, there is no waiting.”

In addition to the Nautilus on-demand water heater, Alpine will add the new front-living 3712KB floorplan to its lineup that features a large 4-foot-by-4-foot shower with a seat and contemporary subway tile backsplash. The bathroom also features dual vanities and a large washer/dryer closet.