The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) presented Aluminum Trailer Co. (ATC), Nappanee, Ind., with the NATM Green Manufacturing Award at the awards luncheon held during the 26th Annual NATM Convention & Trade Show.

According to a press release, the NATM Green Manufacturing Award is presented to an NATM trailer manufacturing member annually, recognizing the “best innovation or novel solutions by a manufacturer that positively impact our environment.” NATM has partnered with PPG Industries Inc., the founding sponsor of the Green Award, who donates $5,000 to the charity selected by the award recipient.

ATC Trailers has been proactive in its commitment to sustainability, including the recycling of 100% of wood scrap, aluminum and steel, while also recycling employee waste and eliminating one-time use paper products. The company said this alone has generated an average of $4,500 per month as well as keeps the waste from filling landfills.

ATC has also increased its energy efficiency and is in its fourth year of a LEAN manufacturing transition. The company has utilized natural ventilation for the summer months and high efficiency wood-fired boiler in the winter months. One result of this effort is a huge reduction of utility costs from $221,520 annually to $113,625 annually.

The company also complies with water-run off requirements, and has improved air quality through a new ventilation system and placed limits placed on smoking areas with the health of their employees in mind.

ATC has plans to continue with its green improvements with a switch to energy-efficient light bulbs along with an in increase natural lighting as well as introducing a rain capturing system in order to utilize the grey water in the facility.

NATM President Mike Lloyd and Ron Yarnell of PPG presented Lucas Landis the 2014 Green Award to ATC Trailers. ATC selected Goshen’s Farmer’s Market to receive the donation. Goshen Farmer’s Market is governed by The Community Sustainability Project, an Indiana nonprofit corporation. Their mission is to create a viable market for locally-grown and crafted products in order to promote and educate about agricultural, environmental, economic and community sustainability.

For more information about the Green Manufacturing Award winning ATC Trailers, visit http://www.aluminumtrailer.com/.