Mike Wolfe (left) and Frank Fritz, the "American Pickers'

Mike Wolfe (left) and Frank Fritz, the "American Pickers' (photo courtesy of RVIA)

Renowned antiquers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, hosts of the History’s new show, “American Pickers,” spoke to 1,000 attendees about History’s partnership with Go RVing and their travels through America’s heartland at “Outlook 2010: Let the Sun Shine,” the Dec. 1 kickoff event to RVIA’s 47th Annual National RV Trade Show.

According to a news release, Fritz emphasized the similarity of History’s audience demographic with the consumers the RV industry wants to reach, saying, “The average age of a History watcher is 49 – and the average age of a motorhome buyer is also 49.”

The pair also emphasized the values espoused in their show as values shared with RVers. “We believe that it is still possible for people to find adventure on the backroads of America,” said Wolfe. “And our show is all about that.”

Go RVing’s cross-platform media buy on the History network will be a key part of next year’s ad campaign, according to Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Gary LaBella. “The year 2010 – the centennial year of the RV industry — is the ideal year to tie in with History’s TV programming, magazine and website, reaching 100 million high income households,” he said. And, he pointed out, many RVers are also antiquers who travel the country via RV and who will tune in to Wolfe’s and Fritz’s new show.

Dicky Riegel, Go RVing co-chairman, said, “‘Pickers’ are a part of the antiques trade that most people haven’t heard of. Their mission is to track down valuable items that have been hidden away and neglected across the country – often buried at the back of someone’s beat-up barn in the middle of nowhere. Mike and Frank, who now call themselves “nomads,” have a knack for finding things people want and will pay big bucks for.”