American RVer, an online show focusing on the RV lifestyle hosted by Jim and Peggy Grich, will demonstrate in the January segment how to replace the slide toppers on a 2006 Class A coach.

According to a press release, slide toppers are designed to protect the top of the slides from water and debris. Over time, these toppers can become worn or ripped.

“We have had several requests to provide a segment on how to replace old topper fabric with new material,” said Peggy Grich. “You’ll see how to pin the spring, remove the old topper, add new fabric to the new roller, and reinstall the roller on the coach. This show will detail what is involved in the process so you can decide if it is a project you can handle yourself.”

Later in the show, the couple takes a ride in the dessert in a quad ATV RZR, cruising the area near Ocotillo Wells, Calif. 

To view the show click here.