A South Carolina company that unveiled a luxury amphibious motorhome earlier this month received national exposure on ABC’s Good Morning America program on Monday (July 21).
The vehicle, called the Terra Wind, features granite countertops, marble floors, teak cabinets, a full-size Jacuzzi with eight jets, and a queen-size bed with a mirrored ceiling. It looks like a motorhome, except for the two bronze propellers on the back.
“It’s simple to drive in the water,” Terra Wind designer John Giljam told Good Morning America. “You drive straight into the water, push the marine shifter into gear and put it in neutral and away you go. You are a boat.”
He added, “It has a camera that’s used for backing up and an on-board computer system that’s used for navigation purposes.”
Although the RV/boat shown on Good Morning America sells for $1.2 million, bare bones units start at $850,000.
Before developing the 102-inch wide, six-seat Terra Wind, Giljam and his wife, Julie, were best known for operating a company called Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International, LLC, a Bluffton, S.C. firm that has provided “unsinkable” amphibious vehicles to tourist destinations from California to Maine, Japan to St. Maarten and Dubai.
Available in 42.5-foot and 45-foot lengths, the four-sleeper Terra Wind includes custom floorplans, two power slideouts and an average of 7 feet of interior headroom. The 42.5-foot model featured on Good Morning America is equipped with air-ride suspension and powered by a 330-horsepower Caterpillar diesel engine, which drives both the marine and road gear, the former consisting of two bronze propellers. The engine delivers a maximum marine speed of 8 knots and a top-end land speed of 80 mph. However, Giljam plans to give consumers the option of purchasing separate dedicated Cummins or Caterpillar engines for marine and land functions, with up to 300 hp for marine gear and up to 525 hp for land operation.
The Terra Wind is built inside an all-aluminum-plated hull. Eighteen inches above the water line, the upper body is wrapped in a laminated fiberglass, with the walls and ceiling made of a highly insulative, new foam material, according to Giljam.
The Terra Wind sports a dashboard-mounted rudder control as well as land and sea engine monitors. A hydraulic system enables the back of the Terra Wind to fold down to provide a 6-foot porch or swim deck. Giljam plans to market the Terra Wind to dealers at upcoming RV, boat and yacht shows. For more information, visit www.terrawind.com.