Amphibious vehicles aren’t totally unimaginable in the RV industry — who can forget the luxurious Terra Wind, a $1.2 million Class A land-and-water cruiser introduced by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers LLC back in 2003? However, the Harmony, by Chinese designer Weili Fend, is a bit further along the evolutionary scale. The RV is powered by an environmentally friendly energy power system — mainly, a hydrogen battery with four in-wheel motors, but there’s also a solar paddle that can be used as a sail that doubles as a solar-energy harvesting system. Lakeside, a jet drive installed toward the rear of the vehicle provides propulsion. The Harmony is designed for four, with customary RV accouterments and entertainment facilities. It’s main drawback, however, is that it hasn’t been built yet — the extraordinary vehicle was Fend’s entry to the Green Life design competition during iida 2009, the Incheon International Design Awards held at Incheon Metropolitan City, Korea.