It took only one year of using a different name for the longtime Anderson’s Campground & RV Park Travel Directory name to reappear, according to Woodall’s Campground Managment, the national newspaper for the campground business.
After Skip and Judy Deegans sold the Anderson’s publication to Clydesdale Publishing Inc., of Sebastian, Fla., Clydesdale’s management entered into a licensing agreement with The Coleman Co. Inc., Wichita, Kan., to use the Coleman brand name on its directory. The Coleman Campground and RV Travel Park Directory was published once, in 2003.
For 2004, however, Clydesdale will again utilize the Anderson name, in large part because of restrictions on what could be done with the directory by using Coleman’s licensed name.
“We wanted to add some things and it was just easier to do it using the Anderson’s name,” said Sharon Heisner, director of book sales and brochure distribution for Clydesdale Capital Investments Inc., owner of the directory and Clydesdale Brochure Distribution Service.
Besides, she added, “We had a lot of requests from people who were still looking for the Anderson’s directory.”
To add even more confusion to the scenario, the Deegans only sold the directory business to Clydesdale – they still own and operate Anderson’s Brochure Distribution Service. Heisner admits it’s confusing, and says she’s careful to establish that Clydesdale owns the Anderson’s directory, but is a separate brochure distribution service from the Deegans’. She said they began the brochure distribution service at the same time they bought the directory.
The Deegans were the second owners of the directory, buying it and the brochure distribution service from Andy (Anderson) and Marilyn Flues when the couple retired in 1991. The Flues started the company in 1979.