The list of Internet Web sites directed towards RV enthusiasts has gotten longer with the launch of Southpoint.com by Southpoint Inc.

The travel portal includes a campground directory, campground reviews and a free newsletter.

Also included are articles about destinations and historical places that can be visited by RVers.

The founders of Southpoint Inc. are not identified on the site, which also provides links to Web sites offering discounted airfare, rental cars and hotel accommodations.

Southpoint.com is financially supported by advertising and apparently, e-commerce. Advertisers include RV manufacturer Travel Supreme, accessories manufacturer Wheel Wedge and the Escapees RV Club.

Southpoint.com also includes links to credit card and online banking companies, the ESPN Store and the DirecTV site. It also includes links to sites providing business and sports news, weather forecasts and health information along with links to sites for searching for a job or ordering magazines.