Add Woodland, Calif., near Sacramento, to the communities looking to limit the rights of RV owners to park their rigs on their properties, according to the Daily Democrat of Woodland.
Currently, Woodland residents can park their RVs, boats or other types of trailers on their front yards on gravel, pavement or grass. But after months of review, Woodland officials are considering tightening their ordinance to require that RVs, boats and other trailers be parked only on pavement, continuous brick or cobblestone. Woodland residents could continue parking their RVs in their front yards, but no more than 40% of a front or side yard could be paved.
Officials in Woodland first thought about strengthening their ordinance regulating RV parking in residential areas in 2002, after receiving numerous complaints about vehicles parked on front yards, the newspaper reported.
Public hearings were conducted in summer 2002, but the issue was dropped until a subcommittee was formed this past September to study the matter. The City Council revealed the subcommittee’s findings earlier this month.
The subcommittee recommended the ordinance be tightened so that RVs, boats and other types of trailers could be parked only on hard surfaces on front or side yards.
The council directed the Woodland Planning Commission to conduct public hearings on the issue.