Aqua Hot systemAqua-Hot Heating Systems has introduced its Aqua-Hot 375-LP. Running on propane, the self-contained unit provides quiet, even cabin heat and continuous, on-demand hot water, according to a news release. Unlike noisy, forced-air systems, the advanced Aqua-Hot 375-LP delivers uniform interior heat by circulating hot water through subtle heat exchangers. Three separate thermostatic heating zones and two circulation loops ensure consistent warmth throughout the cabin. Heating water only as needed, the space-saving device provides an unlimited supply of hot water and eliminates the need for a storage tank. With zero recovery time, the unit has a flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute of 120°F water for over 15 minutes. It can generate up to 90 gallons of hot water an hour. The system heats to 37,500 BTUs after 3.37 minutes, reducing fuel requirements. It barely uses 0.35 gallons of propane per hour. A 1,500-watt, 120-volt electric element provides light-duty heating and hot water when connected to shore power. This enables owners to save propane when they have access to campground electricity. With the same dimensions and mounting procedure, the diesel-powered Aqua-Hot 375-D and propane model are virtually interchangeable. Measuring just 16.75″ high by 18″ wide by 29.5″ long and weighing only 155 lbs., the compact system can be installed as original equipment or retrofitted into an existing coach. MSRP: $6,000. Contact Aqua-Hot Heating Systems, 15549 E. Hwy 52, Fort Lupton, CO 80621.  Call (800) 685-4298 or (303) 659-8221, fax (303) 857-9000 or e-mail [email protected] www.aqua-hot.com.