Looking to expand its reach into new markets, Aqua-Hot Heating Systems has redesigned its website,  www.aquahot.com.

According to a press release, the new site offers information on the company’s hydronic systems available for RVs and UTVs, street rods, farm tractors and construction equipment. It also covers new product introductions, including boat, long-haul truck and work trailer applications.

Aqua-Hot said the website is an “education source for consumers to learn how hydronic heating works.” It also explains the benefits of Aqua-Hot’s Comfort Zones, such as quiet, comfortable and moist interior heat, continuous, on-demand hot water and low emissions, and how the heating system adds value to a coach.

Easy to maintain, there are 160 factory-trained service centers across North America. Using the site’s dealer locator, users can find their closest service facility. It also helps connect coach owners looking for Aqua-Hot’s Comfort Zones with OEM partners.