unnamed-1ARC Representation announced the launch of its Rotating End-Caps & Plan-O-Grams (REP) initiative.

“ARC is committed to providing dealers with profitable business solutions to real problems,” stated Raymond Padgett, managing partner of ARC Representation. “A book titled ‘Inside the Mind of the Shopper’ by Herb Sorensen states that ‘2% of the total items in a typical store at any given time are being promoted on ‘end caps… However, this 2% of items may constitute a whopping 30% of all store sales.’ That number can decrease dramatically if those end-caps are not maintained properly and rotated regularly.”

Given the demands on the time of parts managers and personnel, it is difficult to rotate end-caps regularly, Padgett noted. Dealerships using REP will have new end-caps provided every three months.

“We will work with dealers to choose the best planogram or end-cap for their particular situation,” Padgett said. “Then we will come in and do the work of setting up the area, monitoring it over the quarter and switching it out when the quarter is complete.”

For more information on REP call 404.754.8928.