ARCARC Representation and RV Improvement Systems (RVIS), a unit of Stalwart Design & Development LLC, announced they are joining forces to help RV dealers increase sales of high performance trailer suspension products.

“ARC is excited about the growth potential in this important segment of the market,” said Raymond Padgett, managing partner at ARC Representation. “Travel trailer and fifth-wheel suspension designs have not kept pace with other highway vehicle’s ride control capabilities. We intend to deliver highly valuable RV suspension education materials, useful technical training and installation modules and well-engineered products designed to significantly upgrade RV trailer’s ride control safety and performance.

“RV aftermarket retailers will benefit with increased profitability, and RV retail owners will experience an improvement to their RVing experience. We look forward to working with the industry to maximize this opportunity for all”.

Robert Mater, managing partner for RVIS, commented, “We look forward to seeing the results that ARC can create on this line. It is a line that will benefit by consumer and dealer education and that seems to be one of ARC’s areas of emphasis. Raymond’s 28 years of experience in the industry and the quality of the team he has recruited makes us very confident that they will do an exceptional job at representing our company.”

Padgett continued, “This is another example of a quality product where ARC can educate wholesale and retail customers and thus make sure everyone understands the benefits received with this product. Bob Mater & Sonny Dismuke, founding partners of RVIS and Stalwart, have been in this industry for decades and have an impressive history of bringing innovative RV performance improvement products to market.”

RV Improvement Systems brings ARC’s client count to six. “We have several more clients that we are about ready to launch. We are excited to be getting close to our 10-12 goal and thus maximizing the benefits we can bring to RV retailers,” noted Padgett.

For more information contact Padgett  at (404) 754-8928.