Just like record players, typewriters and Doc Martens, another iconic emblem of the 20th century is making a comeback: vintage trailers.

As reported by Money Magazine, part of a generation that values lifestyle and experience over conformity, millennial hipsters have spawned a “glamping” movement — camping in upgraded tents or trailers that have luxuries like hot showers, mattresses and air conditioning. RV makers have recently reported a resurgence in sales driven in part by the trend, and many owners have made upscale trailers available for rent on sites like Airbnb.

Architect Matthew Hofmann has made a career designing, revamping, and selling RVs that keep the look of vintage Airstreams, yet put in high-tech home furnishings like WiFi and iOS controlled functions.

“Millennials value connection,” Hofmann says. “Glamping is one of those ways where you can have that luxury experience, but you can connect with all the other people that you’re traveling with.”

Like many small companies, this one started as a side gig. Hofmann, then earning $80,000 a year at a small architecture firm in Santa Barbara, bought, renovated, and sold a trailer to make a little extra money. The venture paid off, and in the middle of 2009, he parted ways with his firm to start his own company, a trailer design and renovation practice.

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