Several dozen employees from recreational vehicle dealers in Bullhead City, located in western Arizona on the Nevada border, voiced their complaints to city officials over a ruling that would allow RV sales at county parks.
According to the Mohave Daily News, a recent decision in Superior Court allowed Yuma-based La Mesa RV to hold an RV sale at Davis Camp County Park. Bullhead City had opposed the issuance of a permit to La Mesa.
Curt Curtis of Paul Everts RV County in Bullhead City told officials that the local dealers’ “livelihoods are at stake if these shows are allowed to continue.”
Curtis also said he had a list of more than 50 businesses where the employees spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for the local economy.
“We’re not here today and gone tomorrow, taking millions of dollars out of the area,” he said. “This isn’t good for Bullhead City and Laughlin. A festival, yes, a commercial enterprise, no.”
La Mesa RV sales manager Rory Smith asked the board to adopt the ordinance allowing sales at the park, but was told that issue was not on the agenda.
In response to the opposition, Mohave County supervisors set a public hearing for March 21 to consider adopting a county ordinance dealing with special events at Davis Camp.