A state-led effort to expand Arizona’s RV certification program to require that all RV floorplans be reviewed by an engineer has backfired.
State legislators decided the certification program wasn’t needed and stripped regulators of their funding effective next Thursday (Sept. 18).
“Basically, Arizona was in financial hard times this year like a lot of states and the budget committee was looking to save money,” said Dianne Farrell, Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) vice president of government affairs.
The program, administered by the Arizona Department of Building and Fire Safety, required that state officials certify RV floorplans and inspect dealer lots.
The plan by bureaucrats to require that engineers certify floorplans, even those built to RVIA standards, was unnecessary, according Bruce Hopkins, RVIA’s vice president of standards and education. “It wouldn’t advance safety at all,” Hopkins said. “All it would have done was cost more money.”
Sixteen states at one time asserted the right to regulate RVs sold within their borders. Now, only five states – Washington, Oregon, Nebraska, Kentucky and Tennessee – continue to do so.