RVers come full-circle at some point, says Gary Miller, an RV park owner who plans to meet those needs with a new destination membership park model trailer and RV park, Cochise RV Park, Wachooga City, Ariz., near Sierra Vista.
“It’s a cycle from tenting to buying RVs and traveling, and then back to wanting to travel in a car again,” Miller said. “That’s when they go to park models.”
So, Miller plans to fill that market niche with Cochise RV Park, a 200-site facility with half of its sites for park models and the other half for RVs. Cochise RV Park is on 23 acres next to Miller’s other facility, Caverns RV Park, which is a more traditional membership RV park with 118 sites, a clubhouse and swimming pool.
Cochise’s first 50 sites will open in September and building will continue for about 18 months, Miller said. It will include storage areas for park model and RV-using guests which will be leased long-term. A clubhouse, Jacuzzi and pools also are planned.