The Arizona Travel Park Association (ATPA) has signed an alliance agreement with Friend Communications that will enable ATPA members to provide real-time, online reservations directly through the Association’s web portal, www.azrvparks.com.
The agreement was finalized during the convention for the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) held late last year in Las Vegas.
Under the agreement, Friend Communications will embed its real-time reservation technology into ATPA’s existing website.
The technology also will give members the opportunity to gain widespread marketing exposure through Friend Communications’ growing Market Place Alliance Program.
“In today’s business environment, it is becoming more important for members in our industry to establish a presence on the Internet,” said Brent Davis, Executive Director of ATPA. “The ease of use of Friend technology will help us move in that direction. It also provides another valuable benefit to our members, and helps us attract new members to this association.”
ATPA is the fifth campground association to sign on as an Alliance partner with Friend Communications, following California Travel Park Association, Texas Association of Campground Owners, ARVC and the Missouri Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds.
“The service we provide is the first in the industry to combine real-time Internet reservations with sophisticated, web-based front office management tools and dynamic widespread marketing initiatives, all wrapped up into one single platform,” said Gary Pace, president of Friend Communications. “Today’s campers are demanding the ability to research, plan and confirm their RV travels on the Internet. Our strategy is to provide the technology and educate and empower the campground industry with a collective approach that circumvents the costly e-commerce mistakes that were made by the hotel and airline industries.”
ATPA President Jo Ann Mickelson of J and H RV Park believes that moving from a reservation request to providing consumers with online, real-time reservations is an opportunity and service the RV park and campground industry needs to embrace. “Providing consumers with the ability to book online through our association website provides a win-win solution for everyone,” she said.