An avid Arkansas RVer recently hosted a rally for his “traveling buddies” encountered during the 100,000 miles he logged since buying his motorhome five years ago.
But, according to a report in the Daily Citizen, Charlie Adcock didn’t search for a facility that would accommodate the 50 coaches and 100 RVers that made the trek. Adcock held the rally in the front yard of his home in Searcy, Ark.
“It was just another trip for everybody,” said Adcock as he zipped from one side of his lawn to the other in a green golf cart checking on people.
His yard became a temporary camping site for travelers from Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas in addition to several motorhome clubs from Arkansas.
Instead of the normal rally fare, such as seminars and workshops, people played cards in Adcock’s garage or just mingled with their fellow travelers.
The majority of the people at the rally never hit the road until they retired, but eventually embraced the lifestyle and became full-time RVers. Adcock said a number of the motorhomes scattered on his front lawn represented a million-dollar investment.