The National Association of Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) is changing the way it raises money to contribute to the industrywide Go RVing market expansion campaign.
Hoping that less is more, ARVC will seek a voluntary contribution of no more than $100 per campground based on revenue rather than asking campground owners to contribute $1 per site.
“The hope is that we will get more parks to participate by reducing the amount of money they have to pay,” said ARVC President Linda Profaizer. “There is less money involved, so larger parks may have a greater propensity to contribute.”
In the six years of Go RVing’s existence, ARVC has not yet been able to meet its goal of raising $100,000 through the site assessments.
“We were pretty close a couple of years,” Profaizer said.
In fact, the accommodations sector remains a relatively minor player in the Go RVing Coalition’s advertising campaign. Last month, ARVC presented a $90,000 check to the Go RVing Coalition after adding $2,000 in general association revenue to the $88,000 raised from members.
Go RVing’s budget this year is $15 million, of which $13 million or so will be spent on advertising to promote the RV lifestyle, with most of the revenue coming from an assessment on Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) certification seals purchased by the manufacturers for placement on each RV they build.
ARVC’s requested contribution will range from $50 for parks with revenue of less than $140,000, $75 for up to $250,000 and $100 for those grossing more than that amount.
Profaizer said its unclear why so few members contribute.
“It seems people should participate because they are going to reap the benefits, but it’s difficult to convince them of that,” she said. “They are able to get names of people who are interested in buying RVs and going camping, and they get additional promotion and materials on the Go RVing site.
“That should be plenty of incentive,” Profaizer continued. “You cannot get that kind of return on your dollar for any other marketing program. We ought to get a ton of parks participating.”
Profaizer said members will be notified of the change in an August mailing and a follow-up in September.
“Some state associations are putting it on their dues notices as a voluntary contribution,” she said.