The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) has joined four other trade associations to form the National Travel, Tourism and Recreation Coalition (NTTRC) to lobby Congress as it prepares the next federal highway bill and other transportation-related legislation.
Congress needs to pass a new highway bill this year because current legislation expires in October.
In addition to ARVC, the other NTTRC members are the American Bus Association (ABA), the National Tour Association (NTA), the Western States Tourism Policy Council (WSTPC), and the National Alliance of Gateway Communities (NAGC).
The coalition’s priorities are to establish tourism as a major player in highway-related policy, to promote better accessibility, information and services for travelers, to support full funding for programs with direct tourism impact, and support, as a national priority, an adequately funded federal surface transportation program designed to provide travelers safe, efficient transportation in a timely and economical manner.
“The group’s members agree on the key overarching goal of supporting government transportation policies for a stronger travel, tourism and recreation industry,” said NTTRC Director Aubrey King. “The individual coalition members also each have industry-specific goals but have agreed to work together for the common good of their industries.”
ARVC President Linda Profaizer added, “Safe and efficient highways are absolutely critical to all of travel, tourism and recreation, and especially to the guests staying at our RV parks, resorts and campgrounds. Our member parks depend on vacationers who travel the country on America’s highways.
“ARVC is proud to be a charter member of this new national coalition dedicated to ensuring that the needs of our industry and the rest of the travel, tourism and recreation community are fully considered throughout the 2003 reauthorization process,” Profaizer said.