For the first time, the National School of RV Park & Campground Management will offer a weeklong summer session during the second week of July.

“We think it’s about time,” said Barb Youmans, executive director of the ARVC Foundation, which scheduled the summer session for July 6-10 at Metro University in Denver.

According to a press release, the foundation has traditionally operated the school in February at the Oglebay Resort & Conference Center in Wheeling, W. Va. But Youmans said having a single winter session does not adequately serve private park operators and their employees.

“Having the school operate in February makes sense for northern park operators who close for the winter,” Youmans sad. “But that’s an impossible time of year for park operators across the Sunbelt who are busy with their winter visitors. So we think having both summer and winter class sessions will provide more access to education for everyone.”

Having two sessions per year will also enable park operators to complete the program faster. Students can now complete week one at either of the campuses and finish week two at the other, shortening a 13-month program to as short as five months.  “The difference in the two sessions is the location and time, but not the curriculum,” Youmans said.

The National School of RV Park & Campground Management curriculum covers a variety of business topics that owners, operators and managers need to understand to run a successful campground, RV park or resort.

Topics include business planning; operations management; financial management; basic accounting; employment law; legal compliance; recreation management; risk management; leadership; marketing; media relations and other topics.

Summer session classes will begin in July. Classes are scheduled from Monday lunch to Friday early afternoon, allowing those individuals who need to be at their parks on the weekends the ability to do so.  Youmans said tuition scholarships are available for both campuses.

For more information, to apply for a scholarship, or to enroll for either campus’ upcoming session, please visit www.arvc.org/nationalschool or contact Barb Youmans at (303) 681-0401, ext. 118, or by email at [email protected].