Recreation vehicle ownership in the U.S. has reached record levels with 8.8 million American adults owning at least one RV, according to a research project by the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC).
“The American Camper: Profiles and Perspectives” reported that although a leading force behind the upswing in RV ownership and vacationing is the Baby Boomer generation, a study by the University of Michigan’s Survey Research Center found that high RV ownership now extends across a 40-year span, from ages 35 to 75.
And these “land yachts,” long popular with retirees, are being bought with increasing frequency by families with young children. Those under age 35 posted the largest gains in RV ownership rates during the past four years.
Some surmise the growth of home schooling may be a contributing factor, as RVing provides first-hand lessons in geography, American history and earth science.
ARVC said the study explores the lifestyles and leisure travel preferences of active campers and RV owners. Among other findings:
• 80% of RV owners utilized family-oriented RV parks and resorts during the past year.
• 78% of RV owners have enjoyed exploring nature while staying in an RV park or resort.
• 63% of RV owners find that being close to nature is extremely important when selecting an RV park or resort.
• 62% of RV owners visited a historic or cultural site.
• 49% of RV owners participated in bird or animal watching while staying in an RV park or resort.
• 48% of RV owners took a trip with extended family, along with the children
• 22% of RV owners stressed the importance of the availability of activities for children and teens at or near the campground or RV park.