The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) will begin invoicing its members to collect a voluntary assessment of $1 per campsite.

In past years, ARVC solicited donations from its members on a voluntary basis. While donations will still be voluntary, ARVC President David Gorin said invoicing members will make the process a little more formal.

The effort will begin in early September and is aimed at increasing ARVC’s $100,000 annual contribution to Go RVing’s three-year $40 million market expansion campaign.

“We understand that we are not the major funder of Go RVing, but we think we are a good part of the program,” Gorin said.

Last year, approximately 650 of ARVC’s 3,700 members voluntarily contributed $94,000 to the Go RVing campaign. The national association added $6,000 to bring the campground owners’ contribution to $100,000, Gorin said.

ARVC members represent approximately 475,000 campsites throughout the U.S.

“The industry’s recent success is just not happening on its own,” Gorin said. “It has to be coming from someplace. The only thing I can trace it to is the Go RVing campaign. We need to let more people inside the industry know that.”

Gorin said ARVC has no plans to try to assess a mandatory contribution.

The Maine Campground Owners Association recently threatened to withdraw from ARVC if national association dues were assessed annually at 10 cents per campground night, in part to provide a permanent funding mechanism for ARVC’s Go RVing contribution.

“Its a dead issue,” Gorin said. “It never was being discussed seriously. It was just an option that was being explored.”