The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) has approved bylaw changes designed to streamline the organization and make it more responsive to its membership.
“The main changes have to do with the structure of the board itself,” said ARVC President and CEO Linda Profaizer, adding that the ARVC board will eventually be reduced from a potential of 31 to 33 members down to 21 to 32 representatives.
“What we’re doing now is having two elected representatives from the park industry for each region elected by the membership. In the past, there were two to four reps for each region,” she said. ARVC has also eliminated the position of second vice chairman.
Profaizer said the reductions will be achieved through natural attrition as existing board member terms expire. “We think it will take until 2009 to fully implement the changes,” she said.
However, the reductions should help ARVC operate more efficiently at the board level. “When you have large boards,” Profaizer said, “it’s more difficult to get things done in a timely manner. I think (the new structure will make it) much easier for us to get everyone’s involvement. It’s going to make us a little more nimble.”
ARVC members have been sent copies of the recent bylaw changes. ARVC’s next general membership meeting will take place Dec. 1 at the InSites Convention & Expo in Austin, Texas.