JIm Weaver

Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics, an international manufacturer and supplier of RV audio and video electronics and appliances, announced the appointment of Jim Weaver as the customer service manager.

According to a press release, Weaver brings 27 years of experience in customer-oriented positions. With his extensive background in customer service, project management, IT, pricing, and warehousing, Weaver is also well versed in customer relations, the company said. His knowledge in the LIFE leadership organization assisted him in understanding the strengths and weakness of different personalities, further enhancing his role as an effective leader.

“Bringing Jim Weaver onto our team further strengthens our industry-leading service to our customers,” said Dan Stoltzfus, director of operations. “With his exceptional attention to customer satisfaction and enthusiasm, he will make a great addition to the ASA team.”

With Weaver’s broad background serving various different departments, he looks to extend his knowledge to further the endeavors at ASA. “With my experience in customer service, I feel that I have been able to come in and provide immediate support and stability to the group,” he said. “My goal is to bring the group together and pull them to the next level of customer service by introducing new concepts and tools from working in a much larger organization.”