Audiovox Specialized Applications (ASA) LLC has bought the rights to a new satellite dish technology that could become standard equipment in the RV industry, according to the South Bend (Ind.) Tribune.
ASA, based in Elkhart, Ind., bought the patented Cruise TV STS Satellite Tracking System and other assets of the Datron Mobile Electronics Division of Titan Corp.
The cost of the transaction was not revealed.
Titan, based in San Diego, bought Datron, located in Simi Valley, Calif., last September.
ASA has annual sales of around $80 million and Tom Irions, ASA’s CEO, believes the new satellite technology will become standard equipment in RVs and add about $20 million to ASA’s annual revenue.
Currently, ASA employs 120 people in Elkhart and the Datron acquisition will result in about 10 Datron engineering and design jobs being moved from Simi Valley to Elkhart, Irions told The Tribune.
The new digital technology will bring sharper pictures to TV screens in RVs, buses, trucks and boats, Irions told the newspaper. ASA will produce two types: one which will capture satellite signals while the RV or other vehicle is stationary, and one that will gather the signal while the vehicle is moving.
ASA already is a leading maker of flip-down flat TV screens for RVs, buses, trucks and boats. Consequently, the satellite tracking technology is a perfect match for the company’s product line, Irions told The Tribune.
ASA also plans to lower the cost of assembling satellite dishes, bringing the price down from its current range of around $3,000, which means satellite technology could eventually become standard equipment on mid- and lower-priced RVs, he told the newspaper.
ASA acquired several Datron patents and the Cruise TV trademark, according to the Elkhart (Ind.) Truth. The tracking system captures the DirecTV and Dish Network entertainment programming services, The Truth reported.