ASA Electronics announced the launch of its 160-watt JWM90A Bluetooth wall-mount stereo, delivering more than three times the power of a traditional wall-mount unit in a sleek, smooth package.

The JWM90A is app ready, allowing users to control all the primary functions of the new stereo with jControl. This free app from JENSEN turns any Android or iOS device into a wireless remote. The high-tech stereo is equipped with three speaker zones and offers dual source audio control.

RVers can watch a DVD in their living room while simultaneously streaming their favorite music via Bluetooth in another zone. The JWM90A is engineered to maximize sound with eight speaker outputs and a subwoofer output.

This new, high-end stereo utilizes Bluetooth technology to stream audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices. The JWM90A also features an Apple-compatible USB port that will charge iPhones as well as Android phones.

In addition, the JWM90A has two video outputs (HDMI and RCA), and a DVD player outfitted with JCOM, the proprietary communication protocol for JENSEN allowing the JWM90A to communicate directly with any JENSEN JCOM enabled TV. This feature can automatically detect when a DVD is inserted into the player and change the input source of the TV for ease of use.

For added entertainment value, the HDMI input is located on the face of the stereo, allowing the user to easily plug in additional devices like an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Google Chromecast.