iN-Command Lite

ASA Electronics announced the introduction of iN-Command Lite, featuring a more compact body control module and tailored features for RV travel.

“iN-Command Lite brings high levels of sophistication and control to a broader customer base. Lite offers a lot of the same amazing features that our previous system introduced, said Jim Hess, RV industry manager, in a press release. “We’ve made reliable smart home technology more affordable than ever so even RVs with smaller price tags can offer app control without the need for a remote. We wanted to bring innovation to all levels of RVs and enhance the customer experience.” 

RV owners will be able to control the lighting and motorized functions as well as monitor battery levels directly from their smartphones through the iN-Command Lite app, available as a free download for both iPhone and Android phones.

iN-Command Lite also utilizes the same patented Travel Lock Out as its predecessors. Travel Lock Out is a safety feature that disables the motorized functions of the RV while it is being towed or transported. Travel Lock Out can only be turned off on the display commander or switch plate inside the RV. This adds a second level of safety, preventing the Travel Lock Out from being accidentally disengaged on the RV owner’s smartphone.