ASA's Advent Air rooftop air conditioner

Elkhart, Ind.-based ASA Electronics, a supplier of audio and video electronics and appliances, announced the launch of its newly enhanced line of Advent Air rooftop air conditioners.

According to a press release, the units offer “superior cooling features that exceed current industry standards.”

ASA reported that the tests performed by an independent lab verify the upgraded rooftop air conditioners consistently average a 10% greater cooling capacity than the current 13.5K or 15K Btu ratings when tested to the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) standards. Advent said that users will gain more Btu output per unit which means on average, as the 13.5K now produces 15K and the 15K generates 16.5K Btu.

In addition, the upgraded, aerodynamically designed shrouds give the units a sleek, modern appearance. They also feature an enriched pressure system along with an optimized coolant charge for maximum cooling performance. ASA’s enhanced air conditioners are now available to the RV industry.