Jonathon Corn, a defense attorney from Del Mar, Calif., has launched the Web site www.RVDefense.com, which he describes as “an information Web site and virtual gathering place exclusively for members of the RV industry and the attorneys who defend them.”

The site provides current information about state lemon laws, direct access to attorneys specializing in RV law and a directory and library containing articles about legal issues facing the RV industry.

Use of the site is restricted to members who pay $250 a year. However, there is an introductory offer of 60 days free use of the site. The subscription can be canceled without obligation during the 60-day period.

Members and sponsors can post articles on the site for free. If the want the article to appear as a “cover story,” they will need to pay a fee. It is $100 for one week and $200 for two weeks.

“The site is intended to help reduce legal liabilities and litigation by providing information and contacts needed to help make good risk management decisions,” according to Corn, owner and operator of On The Defense LLC, owner of RVDefense.com.

“The site also serves as a forum for the exchange of strategies and ideas between members of the RV industry, defense attorneys and other persons who qualify for access to the site,” Corn added.