Atwood Mobile Products LLC has determined that a safety issue may be present in the 8935-III AC and 8940-III AC Atwood furnaces powered by 110-volt/AC power (12-volt/DC models are not affected).

According to a press release, there have been gas control valves which are suspect and need to be replaced. The suspect furnaces are contained with a manufacturing date between May 18, 2009 and March 29, 2012.

Atwood said it is possible for the units affected that the gas valves can stick in the open position causing a potential fire hazard. Customers with one of these units must not operate the furnace until the replacement of the valve assembly has been completed by an Atwood Authorized Service Center.

To confirm whether or not a furnace is part of this campaign, review the serial number of the suspect furnace. The serial number will be listed on the blower housing of the furnace on the data tag. Identified units will meet the following criteria:

• The model numbers affected are 8935-III AC and 8940-III AC furnaces

• Manufacturing dates between 5/18/2009 and 3/29/2012

Once a unit has been identified as part of this service campaign, contact Atwood Mobile Products at (800) 825-4328, ext. 114709, or email [email protected]