Stove Wrap from Atwood

Stove Wrap from Atwood

Elkhart, Ind.-based Atwood Mobile Products has introduce Stove Wrap, a patent pending stove top liner made of nonflammable, washable, and reusable material. Pre-sewn and cut to fit, Stove Wrap will fit on any Atwood or Suburban range or three-burner cooktop.

According to a press release, Stove Wrap is easily installed by placing the three openings in the stove top liner over the burner heads and fastening it by the feet of the grates in each corner. Any spills, drips, or boil overs are quickly eliminated by simply tossing the Stove Wrap in the washer. In addition to full-timers and part-timers, the product can be used for rental fleets, as it reduces the labor and time involved in cleaning an RV when it is returned.

“Atwood is excited about the opportunity to introduce this unique product to the RV market. It is unlike anything out there and gives RVers the opportunity to spend less time cleaning and more time camping with their families,” stated Trey Miller, director of aftermarket sales.

For a limited time, dealers can purchase a kit which includes five Atwood and five Suburban Stove Wraps and a countertop display. The offer is available through most distributors by ordering manufacturer part number 52985.

For more information visit www.askforatwood.com.