Atwood Mobile Products Inc. has entered into an alliance to develop fuel cells to power water heaters, furnaces, electrical appliances and several motorized devices used in RVs.

Atwood’s partner is IdaTech, a subsidiary of IDACORP Inc. of Boise, Idaho.

Fuel cells convert hydrogen and oxygen into electricity and water using an electrochemical process.

“We see fuel cells as the future for clean, quiet sources of electrical power for many devices in recreational vehicles,” said Bob Pickering, president of Atwood, a unit of Dura Automotive Systems Inc. “Together with IdaTech, we will overcome the challenges of weight, space and cost to deliver a truly convenient and valuable source of electricity. We will draw upon our experience developing small, compact appliances specifically designed for the RV lifestyle.”

“With Atwood, we intend to design a system, including related power control equipment, that is specifically tailored for the portable platform of a recreational vehicle,” said Alan Guggenheim, president of IdaTech. “Our plan is to develop an onboard electrical power system that is quiet and produces little vibration or pollution.”