Adelaide, South Australia-based REDARC Electronics announced the introduction of a new 50-amp in-vehicle battery charger to the U.S. market,designed to provide higher current output and said to handle more demanding applications.

According to a press release, the charger supplies the correct charge to the auxiliary battery, allowing users to “power all their gadgets whilst on the move,” REDARC Export Manager Craig Herriot noted.

Described as a dual-input, 50-amp DC-to-DC charger, the BCDC1250D features a Maximum Power Point Tracking solar regulator that charges from both solar and the alternator simultaneously. A built-in source selector automatically charges from solar first, reducing load on the alternator.

Designed for 12- or 24-volt vehicle systems, the charger works with either standard and variable alternators and is compatible with all common types of RV batteries, including AGM, gel, standard lead acid, calcium, and Lithium iron phosphate.

“This a 50 amp-model allows users to charge higher capacity RV batteries or multiple battery banks,” Herriot says.