BMPRO, an Australian supplier of power management systems to the RV industry, announced it has secured a contract with Thor Motor Coach for 2019. 

According to a press release, while BMPRO has been the exclusive partner with local Australian companies such as Jayco, New Age and Concept Caravans for more than a decade, the company says this is an Australian first to see substantial volumes being exported to the world’s largest RV market.  

The company’s RVMaster is a RV control and monitoring system for easy management of RV features via a console or an app. The RVMaster monitors water tanks, tire pressure, doors, windows, temperatures, propane levels and more, while it controls functions such as lighting, slide-outs, awnings, HVAC and generators. The RVMaster has a fixed console panel and also offers the flexibility of performing the same functionality by coupling with an app on the RV user’s own phone. 

According to the release, to design a product relevant and suitable for U.S. requirements, the company’s software development team has more than doubled to tackle the project embracing rapid 3D printing prototyping, advanced Bluetooth technology, new U.S.-centric industry communication protocols and the ability to partner with cloud-based applications. 

A new BMPRO sales and support team, along with offices and warehouses, been established at Thor Motor Coach’s headquarters in Elkhart, Ind. First deliveries for trial installations have been shipped this month with full production expected shortly. 

BMPRO CEO Louise Bayliss stated, “These is exciting times for BMPRO to now be entering the U.S. market with such a substantial RV partner thast has seen the opportunity to strategically align with BMPRO to develop and supply a RV control and monitoring system. The RVMaster is flexible in its capabilities and is customizable for each partner, which means that in such a competitive market it gives the manufacturers the ability to differentiate themselves.”