Retirees Adelle and Ron Milavsky found the perfect storage spot for their recreational vehicle.
After purchasing a motorhome and making an 11,000-mile trek across the United States in 2001, the couple shipped their RV to Europe and began taking road trips abroad.
Interestingly, they found fees for shipping the RV, insuring it and buying gas were comparable to the price of staying in hotels every night and eating in restaurants.
In 2002, the Milavskys spent 83 days traveling France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg for less than $4,000. They did it again in 2003, when they spent 77 days touring the British Isles.
“It was much more convenient than we imagined,” Adelle Milavsky said. “There seem to be RV campgrounds everywhere.”
The Milavskys, who own homes in Florida and Connecticut, wrote a book about their experiences, “Take Your RV to Europe: The Low-Cost Route to Long-Term Touring.”
The book includes cost comparisons for shipping an RV overseas compared to renting one in Europe, as well as advice on campgrounds, driving, and even sightseeing.