'Airstream Hotel' at Kate's Lazy Desert

Fans of the B-52’s might be inspired to roam — if they want to — all the way out to the Mojave Desert. That’s where the lead singer of the quirk-pop act has brought her bee-hived sensibility to a new Airstream hotel that opened in November.

Co-owned by B-52’s vocalist Kate Pierson, Kate’s Lazy Desert invites visitors to “rocket through the wilderness” in a collection of six vintage Airstreams, the interiors of which riff off the kitsch of the band’s best-known material. The Lava trailer, with its orange-blob paint job, mimics the gooey movement of the ’60s-style lamp, whereas the Hairstream is a fantasy version of a B-52’s dressing room, and Planet Air is cast in an otherworldly pink light to recreate the aura of Planet Claire.

“Visiting the desert is like a little mini trip to the moon,” said Pierson, whose design sensibility is every bit as far out as her vocals.

The same could be said of the motel’s Airstreams, which are the perfect architectural compliment to the band’s space-age surfer vibe, looking, as they do, like lunar modules with their studded sheet metal siding.

Kate’s Lazy Desert is the west coast adjunct to Kate’s Lazy Meadow, an equally quirky, in-the-sticks collection of cabins tucked into the Catskill Mountains outside Woodstock, N.Y., where Pierson lives with her romantic and business partner, Monica Nation, who’s been running Kate’s Lazy Meadow since 2004.

The Airstreams in the Lazy Desert were originally situated along the Hudson River at Kate’s Lazy Meadow, and were always the first rooms to be booked, Pierson said. But when the trailers flooded during last year’s Hurricane Irene, she and Nation decided to wheel them off to the Mojave.

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