GoSun-Stove-ActionKitchener, Ontario–based Class B builder Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc. has partnered with GoSun Stove to offer their products as part of Roadtrek’s green initiatives. (see product video below).

According to a press release, GoSun’s innovative use of solar energy to cook meals brought the two companies together. Roadtrek already offers leading technologies to take coaches off the grid, including use of solar power along with the recently released EcoTrek power modules. Teaming up with GoSun to offer the sport edition stove as part of their E-Trek package was a “natural fit” for both companies.

“Since Roadtrek produces the industry’s most environmental motorhome in the industry, we are honored that they have selected our breakthrough solar cooker to be part of their vehicles. Now Roadtrek owners can cook fuel free,” stated Patrick Sherwin, president of GoSun Stove.

GoSun Stoves harness the power of the sun to cook a meal in as little as 20 minutes. The fuel-free method of cooking leaves no mess or flames and the stoves are versatile enough to steam, bake, fry or roast almost anything that can fit inside the cooking trays.

“We love what GoSun Stoves bring to the table from an eco-friendly standpoint. Our owners are always looking at ways to stay off the grid longer, the ability to boondock has become an increasingly popular way to RV and GoSun Stoves are a perfect match with our owners lifestyle,” noted Jim Hammill , Roadtrek president and CEO. “We have tested the stoves in a variety of locations with different types of foods and every time the GoSun delivers a perfectly cooked delicious meal that everyone just raves over.”