Almost two decades ago, Lindsay Butt found herself working an odd mix of jobs in search of a career. Unfortunately, none of the occupations provided the young woman with the security and long-term stability she was looking for, so she soon realized that she needed to head back to school if she wanted to better her situation.

According to Driving.ca, she decided on enrolling in an RV Technician Apprenticeship Program at Okanagan University College in Kelowna, British Columbia, an innovative Red Seal approved training course that encompasses 14 different trades. The three-year program provides the specialized training required by those individuals looking to maintain, service and repair vehicles associated with the RV industry such as motor-homes, fifth-wheels, and the enormous variety of travel and utility trailers.

“They sort of fast tracked me through the program,” recalled the fastidious Butt as she gave me a quick tour of one of the enormous coaches during our interview. “I think it was obvious that I had the drive and motivation to get things done correctly and in a timely manner as I seem to pick things up quite easily. This comes in very handy in this line of work.”

Lindsay became the first female to complete the school training 16 years ago, although there was another woman signed-off to work in the emerging trade after her wealth of work experience allowed her to be grandfathered in.

The very outgoing and well-spoken young woman loves what she does, and is the first to recognize that there is a real opportunity for interested parties looking for a good career in the RV industry that often gets overlooked.

“We definitely need to get more women involved in the trades and it is unfortunate that very few people know this RV Technician Apprenticeship Program even exists.” In an effort to change this, graduate number one works hard to promote the industry at career fairs and through involvement with the B.C. Skills Competition and is proving to be a great asset.

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