Fans of the University of Alabama’s football team love their RVs and the RV lifestyle as much as the team, according to The Crimson White, the university’s student newspaper.
“RVs have become a part of the Alabama football atmosphere,” wrote reporter Cassandra Mickens. “Each with their own personality and style, and each RV is customized to honor its No. 1 team. In their own way, the RVs are rolling with the Tide.”
The RV parking lot near the university’s stadium begins to fill up on the Friday afternoon of football weekends, creating “a minineighborhood of Allegros, Coronados and Lindys, ready to stake their temporary land and earn their rightful spot on campus grounds,” the newspaper reports.
Some of the RV owners bought their rigs after driving for several hours to Tuscaloosa for a weekend of football fanaticism only to find all motel rooms in the college town were booked.
But it is the fellowship with other RVers that keeps them in the lifestyle, according to The Crimson White.
“You meet a caliber of people in motorhomes,” a 63-year-old RV owner told the newspaper. “You don’t ever meet one that’s not friendly. It’s a group of good, honest, hard-working and fun people.”