Despite protests from RV owners, the Dublin (Calif.) City Council took a step Tuesday (June 17) toward more severe restrictions on curbside RV parking in the city, according to the Tri-Valley Herald of Pleasanton. A proposed ordinance would prohibit the parking of “oversized” vehicles, including RVs, on Dublin city streets for longer than 48 hours, or 72 hours with a special permit. An oversized vehicle is defined as being longer than 22 feet and wider or higher than 84 inches (7 feet).
Currently, 72 hours is the maximum amount of time that an RV can be parked along a Dublin street. However, certain residents and city officials said many RV owners duck the ordinance my moving their RV forward a few feet or parking on the other side of the street.
Visitors can park their RV for up to five days along a street in Dublin, if the owner gets a permit from the local police, but sleeping in the RV during a visit is not permitted.
Dublin officials decided to consider new RV parking restrictions after hearing complaints from some city residents last year that the growing number of RVs parked along neighborhood streets has created a safety hazard for motorists.
However, as one RV owner said during the council meeting Tuesday night, “Owning an RV is the American dream, and if you take that away, some people are going to be a little unhappy with the council.”
There also are council members who are concerned that if more limits are placed on parking RVs along the streets, then more RV owners would park their rigs on their front or side yards, most likely sparking another round of complaints, the newspaper reported.