His company is expanding and Britt Murphey, owner of B&B Molders LLC in Mishawaka, Ind., gives credit to a series of events that changed the company culture.

As reported by the South Bend Tribune, the plastic injection molding company’s nearly $2.5 million expansion project will add space and ceiling height so the business has more room for raw material storage and offices.

“It’s going to improve our flexibility, timing and the way we handle new product development,” Murphey said of the new space. “It will allow us to do things that not many molders in this region can do. It will position us to have the technology and capability that no one else has.”

But, six years ago, Murphey wouldn’t have believed the company would be in this position so soon.

At that time, the company, which serves the RV, health care and defense industries, was like “any other molder,” he said. Business was good and the company had just finished a $3.5 million expansion project.

“And that was right at the time that everything took a big dump,” he said, referring to the tanking of the economy. “We lost about 63% of our customers. I’ve never felt so alone and uncertain about my ability, or how we would weather a storm.”

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